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Registration Instructions

FALL 2023 Course Schedule

The Fall 2023 Course Schedule can be found HERE.

SUMMER 2023 Course Schedule & Regisration

The Summer 2023 Course Schedule and Registration page can be found HERE. Current students will register for these courses in Self-Service.

FALL 2023 & SUMMER 2023 Registration Times

This semester, the registration for Fall 2023 and Summer 2023 will open at the same time. All students who plan to return to Washington College in the fall, and any that wish to take a summer course, must register during the priority registration period in order to secure their seat in courses and to avoid lapses in scholarship and financial aid eligibility. Students must schedule an appointment with their faculty advisor during the same week as their registration date. Appointments begin on Monday of the given week and online registration begins on the subsequent Friday. The calendar of advising and registration is as follows:

Class Advising Begins Registration Begins

Rising Seniors, Returning Juniors, and non-graduating Seniors (60+ earned credits)

Monday, March 27

Friday,  March 31 7:30am - Monday, April 3 4:30pm

Rising Juniors and Returning Sophomores (28-59 earned credits)

Monday, April 3

Friday, April 7 7:30am -
Monday, April 10 4:30pm

Rising Sophomores and Returning Freshmen (0-27 earned credits)

Monday, April 10

Friday, April 15 7:30am -
Monday, April 17 4:30pm

How To Determine Credit Standings

Seniors = 92+ completed credits
Juniors = 60 - 91 completed credits
Sophomores = 28 - 59 completed credits
Freshmen = 0 - 27 completed credits

These completed credit totals do NOT include the credits you are currently taking. For example, a student who is enrolled for 16 credits in Spring 2023, but has completed 59 credits to date will register as a sophomore.

How To Register for FALL 2023

All students will be using Self-Service to register for Fall 2023 courses. Students may find it helpful to access Information about Student Planning, as well as our Registration Guide prior to selecting their courses.

Registration F.A.Q.'s:

- Help! I can't register!

If your registration is not working, not to worry! There are several things that may be preventing this. Please open a ticket by emailing or by calling (410) 778.7299. Common reasons are account holds by a department (such as the Business Office, the Office of Student Affairs, or Health Services), or an issue with your registration time. 

-Help! I can't get into Self-Service!

If you're not able to access Self-Service at all, please reach out to the Help Desk. They are available via email at, by phone at (410)-778-7777, or in person in the basement of Smith Hall.

-Can I change my schedule after I've registered?

Yes! The first round of changes can be made starting on Tuesday, April 18th. These edits can be made in Self-Service only. The window for this period will close at a date that is To Be Determined. Once the Fall 2023 semester begins, students will have the opportunity to utilize the Drop/Add period to make changes to their courses.

- How do I deal with a waitlisted course?

Students can still attempt to register for a "closed" or "waitlisted" courses. Please be advised that not all courses allow this. Waitlists are typically priority-based, and students who have been added will receive an email. Questions regarding availability may be directed to the course instructor. Please make sure that you are not registered for a course that conflicts with the waitlisted course's time-slot, or are not double-registered for a similar course.

-How do I set up an Independent Study or research opportunity on campus?

Please fill out the Independent Study / On-Campus Research proposal form (printable | interactive). It will need to be signed by yourself, the course instructor and the department chair. Once it has been completed, please send to, or bring it in person to our offices on the ground floor of Bunting Hall.

-How do I register for an internship or a research opportunity off campus?

Students wishing to earn College credit for internships (including off-campus research) must complete the internship registration form. More information about beginning your search for internships, externships and job shadowing opportunities can be found on the Internships page.

-How do I register for a Senior Capstone Experience?

Students do not register for an SCE on their own. The department chair(s) of the student's declared major(s) will reach out to the Registrar's office so we can do this from our end.

-When are the "Flock Together" incoming freshmen advising dates?

The dates currently listed are June 21, 22, and 26, 2023. Questions may be directed to Hilary Bateman in the Office of Advising and Academic Advocacy. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

-I have tuition/billing questions for Fall 2023 and/or Summer 2023. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to the folks in the Business Office for tuition/billing questions in either semester. If your question is specifically about financial aid, please contact folks in the Financial Aid office. It may be helpful to contact the counselor who covers the part of the last name that you or your student falls under.

-I still have a question. Who should I ask?

The Registrar's Office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm. Students on campus can find us on the ground floor of Bunting Hall. We're also reachable here:


Phone: (410) 778. 7299