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Do You.

Do you want to craft your own curriculum?

Do you want to graduate college with hands-on job experience?

Do you want professors who never turn down the chance for a one-on-one conversation?

Washington College knows that when it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we have so many options for you to create your own compelling class schedule and work toward a major that truly inspires you.

Signature Centers

The Center for Environment & Society offers internships and fellowships in the great outdoors.

The Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience brings history to life.

The Rose O’Neill Literary House offers student writers mentorship and professional guidance, and operates a cool print shop.

Beyond the classroom

Our Geographic Information Systems program provides hands-on experience for students interested in this valuable mapping technology.

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The Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture offers internships and study abroad opportunities.

The Goldstein Program in Public Affairs brings the world to Chestertown.

Nationally Competitive Opportunities could come your way if you excel in the classroom and demonstrate a passion for your field of study.