Production Resources

This page contains instructions, reference materials, and technical information for various GCA venues, as well as guidelines for departmental theatre & dance productions.


Scene Shop Manager:  Leah Thivierge

Scene Shop Hours for all semesters: MTh 2-6 PM 

1/4” scale: Groundplan & Section and Front Elevation  
1/2” scale: Groundplan, Section, and Elevation

1/2” scale: Groundplan and Section 
1/4” scale: Groundplan and Section 


 Prop Shop Manager: Kimi Adolfson

 Prop Shop Hours for Fall 2023:  MW 3:30-5:30PM 

Costume Tips & Tricks (18Fa)  

Costumes vs. Props (18Fa) 

Costume Design Resources (18Fa) - available on paper, in costume shop

Prop Shop Guidelines (updated 18Fa)

Prop Sign-Out Contract (19Fa)  

Prop Shop Map (17Fa) 

Costumes vs. Props (18Fa) 

Borrowing something from a local business? You must talk with Prof. Eckelman first, and then complete this form: WC THE DAN Borrowing Form (18Fa)


Costume Shop Manager: Ryan Morrow 

Costume Shop Hours for Fall 2023:  MWF 3:30-5:30PM, Tues 6:30-8:30PM, Thu 4:30-6:30PM. 

Optional Title for Accordions


Lighting and Sound

Lighting, Audio, and Video Shop Manager: Matt Brader

Assistant Lighting, Audio, and Video Shop Manager: Liz Fitzpatrick 

Lighting Shop Hours for Fall 2023: MW 2:30-5:30PM 


Lighting Guidelines (19Fa)

Lighting Shop Map (17Fa) 

Gobo Inventory (19Sp)

Cue List Template (19Fa)  

Tawes Lighting Change Sheet (18Fa)

You must have a meeting with the Lighting Shop Manager during the week before your load-in, to review these documents and prepare fixtures, color, etc.

The Light Lab is in GCA 227, across the hall from Abbey Wark's office. To reserve a time, consult the digital sign-up sheet!

Before using the Light Lab, you must be trained by the Production Manager, Technical Director, or the Lighting Shop Manager.

Light Lab Sign Up sheet

Light Lab Guidelines

Light Lab Magic Sheet  

Light Lab Plot (1” scale)  

Light Lab Channel Hookup  

Light Lab Instrument Schedule  

Need to document your Light Lab work? Use these templates: 

Light Lab Focus Charts 

Light Lab Cue Tracking  


Sound Guidelines (19Fa)

Cue List Template (19Fa)   

Tawes Default QLab Template (16Sp - update coming in Fall 2020)

(Download and install this template before building your QLab show file! Instructions available here.)   

BBC Sound Libraries
The Department owns a copy of the original BBC Sound Effects Library, which includes 60 CDs (2,400 tracks) of sound effects, all of which are available for use on WC classwork or departmental productions. Individual CDs or the full hard drive may be signed out from Production Manager, Abbey Wark. Anyone wishing to use this resource should peruse the index first, to get a sense of the range of content available.

BBC Sound Effects Library INDEX (CDs 1-60)

larger BBC library (of over 16,000 wav files) is also available online HERE. Please take a moment to review the RemArc license agreement before downloading or using any of this content. If you have questions about the license terms, ask Production Manager, Abbey Wark.