Arts Management & Entrepreneurship

    The arts industry is a diverse and multi-faceted landscape, encompassing fields from music production to entertainment law, poetry publishing to freelance choreography, and stage management to exhibition design.

    The interdisciplinary Arts Management & Entrepreneurship program prepares students for careers in the arts by exposing them to this industry’s breadth of professional opportunities, and by arming them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to succeed as organizational leaders and creative entrepreneurs.

    As future artists, producers, presenters, curators, editors, marketers, fundraisers, managers, and entrepreneurs, graduates of this program are empowered to employ themselves both practically and creatively, with a humanistic perspective on what it means to contribute to society as a professional in the arts industry.


    Meet Our Students 

    Caitlyn Creasy '20
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    Caitlyn Creasy

    Class of 2020 - Caroline County, MD
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    Keelie Verbeek
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    Keelie Verbeek

    Class of 2022 • Southborough, Massachusetts
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