The CARE system is an on-line case management system that allows members of the Washington College community (faculty, staff, and students) to instantly report concerns about a student’s well-being.

Submit a CARE Report

What is the CARE System?

The CARE system is an on-line case management system that allows members of the Washington College community (faculty, staff, and students) to instantly report concerns about a student’s well-being.Reports are reviewed daily by a member of the Dean of Students office and bi-monthly, a cross-campus team of professionals reviews student cases to determine appropriate follow up and support for that student.

Types of Concerns. The following is a list of types of concerns that can be reported: Faculty, staff, and students can submit CARE reports about students for any of the following:

  • Poor or unusual academic performance
  • Excessive absenteeism (from classes or other organized events)
  • Change in physical appearance or health
  • Uncharacteristic changes in behavior
  • Concerning posts in social media, particularly those that are threatening to others or indicate possible self-harm
  • Expressions of wanting to leave Washington College or transfer
  • Personal of family issues or concerns
  • General transitional difficulties

Emergencies or Immediate Concerns About Self-Harm or Harm to Others. In cases where there is an immediate threat or concern, please contact Public Safety (24/7) at 410-778-7810. For situations involving an active threat with weapons, call 911 and follow the College’s emergency procedures protocol. For other serious student concerns or if you are unsure about the level of threat you can also contact the Student Affairs Office Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at 410-778-7752 or Public Safety 24/7 at 410-778-7810.

Other Types of concerns. Other incidents or Concerns should be reported in the following manner (although if they are reported in the CARE system they will be routed to the appropriate administrator for follow up).

Campus Resources for Students of Concern. You can also contact any of the following offices directly for information or guidance in addition to submitting a CARE report:

Counseling Services – 410-778-7261

Health Services – 410-778-7261

Academic Skills – 410-778-7860

Disability Access – 410-778-7860

Title IX Coordinator –410-810-5794


Frequently Asked Questions about the CARE System or Supporting Students of Concern

 You should receive an automated response indicated that your report has been received along with a contact for someone who you can report additional information or concerns to. There will also be a link to this web page in that automated response.  The reports are reviewed daily, Monday through Friday by a member of the Student Affairs Office.

In order to protect student privacy, CARE reports are reviewed first by a member of the Student Affairs staff to make a determination of what information can be shared with other members of the campus community within FERPA guidelines. All academic concerns submitted in CARE are able to be viewed by the Assistant Dean for the First Year Experience and Student Success who will share academic information as needed with advisors, coaches, and faculty members. The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs has access to all cases and will also share appropriate information about a student as needed.

In addition to filing a CARE report, you may to help a student by referring them to a support service on campus, which might include making a call with the student present or walking the student over:

Through the 2018-19 academic year, Washington College has access to a free on-line training module that provides faculty and staff members guidance in talking to students who are struggling with mental health issues. It takes about 45 minutes and can be accessed through this link:

After clicking on the link, set up a new account with a password of your choosing and follow the instructions as provided to set up the account. Once the account is set up, select the “At-Risk” module. You may also want to explore the module for LGBTQ and Veteran students if you are interested.

Counseling Services and Student Affairs will also provide training opportunities throughout the year for those interested in building their knowledge and skills around student mental health issues. Director of Counseling, Miranda Altman, is also available to provide guidance to faculty, staff, and students who are supporting students struggling with mental health issues.

Tricia Biles, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement & Sucess can assist those who are having difficulty or have questions about making a report in the system. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 410-778-7752.