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Sophie Kerr Collection

A successful author, Sophie Kerr published over 500 short stories, 23 novels, countless magazine articles and a play that ran on Broadway and was later made into a film, 1934's Big Hearted Herbert.  She willed Washington College a sum of over half a million dollars, which has provided for the well-known annual Sophie Kerr Prize. The executor of Kerr’s estate, Mary Elizabeth Taylor, left some of Kerr’s possessions to Washington College in her own will, and they are now part of Special Collections at Washington College. The collection includes books that belonged to Sophie Kerr and books and articles that she has written. If you would like to use the Sophie Kerr collection, please contact the archivist for details. 

Brooke Schultz, ’18, was the 2017-18 Miller Library Research Fellow, and conducted research using our Sophie Kerr Collection. 

Painting of Sophie Kerr on display in Miller Library