Center for the Study of Black Culture

The Center for the Study of Black Culture provides the Washington College community with cultural, educational, and social events that are unique to illuminate the particular experiences of African-Americans.

The Center for the Study of Black Culture began as a dream for many minority students and as a result of a massive year and half, community wide effort it materialized in August of 1998.  The Center for the Study of Black Culture has six student founders: Bennie F. Adams IV, Brock M. Hayslett, Eric B. Johnson, Jr., Christine R. Lincoln, Ricky L. Morgan and Colleena D. Wiseman.  These people worked tremendously hard to realize this shared dream.  Its first director was one of its founders Christine R. Lincoln, who graduated from Washington College in 2000 and is now a published writer.

The Center seeks to preserve and promote African American culture through:

  • the development of innovative approaches to provide social activities for the students of Washington College
  • assisting high school students become interested in attending a college or university
  • to provide a physical space that reflects the perspectives, values and culture of Black students and people
  • to provide cultural, intellectual, and emotional support to all Black students and the larger Black community
  • to support and challenge students interested in the area of culturally centered leadership, and to be an integral part of the College’s effort to provide multicultural education for the greater Chestertown community

Past Directors (Graduation Year):

Christine Lincoln (1999)

Penny Tilghman (2001)

Angela F. Crenshaw (2004)

Mark D. Stevens (2007)

Sonya Thomas (2008)

Amanda Garbart (2008)

Avanti Gabourel (2014)