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Major in Psychology

There are three courses of study for WC psychology majors to choose from: Experimental Psychology, a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience (BN), and a concentration in Clinical/Counseling (CC). These courses of study are designed to prepare students for entry level careers and for post-graduate study in psychology, social work, business, and medicine/health.  The Experimental Psychology course of study provides a comprehensive overview of the discipline, while the BN and CC concentrations emphasize neuroscience and clinical topics.  

Your psychology faculty adviser will help you to determine the best track that fits your interests and professional goals. For those interested in a psychology minor, learn more here

For broad exposure to many disciplines within psychology, courses in the major emphasize empirical testing of theoretical psychological models. The broad Psychology major is especially recommended for those students who wish to double major in psychology and another field or for those who are not interested in the clinical/counseling concentration or the behavioral neuroscience concentration.

Example Courses

  • Social Psychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Health Psychology



The concentration in behavioral neuroscience is designed for students with a focused interest in the biological bases of behavior and thought. The concentration is well suited for students that are contemplating professional or research careers in medicine, pharmaceuticals, veterinarian medicine, animal science, neurology and neuroscience. Because behavioral neuroscience concentrators have additional laboratory requirements beyond other Psychology majors, students in this concentration earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

Example Courses

  • Biopsychology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Psychopharmacology
learn more about behavioral neuroscience

The clinical/counseling concentration is designed to prepare students interested in the helping professions and human services.  Coursework provides students with a foundation for graduate work in counseling, school psychology, clinical psychology, and the allied health fields. Students are also prepared for entry-level positions in human resources, management, child care or school settings as well as work as clinical/counseling assistants or research assistants.

Example Courses

  • Psychopathology I & II
  • Child Assessment
  • Learning and Applied Behavior Analysis

Majoring in Psychology?

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Course Checklists for Psychology Majors