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Students can earn credit while gaining valuable experience. Nearly half of all Psychology majors (and 80% of Clinical Counseling Concentrators) complete at least one internship.

  • Working at inpatient and outpatient facilities for the treatment of psychological disorders, interns gain an array of traditional clinical skills. Common responsibilities are interacting with clients, observing intake appointments, co-leading therapeutic/activity groups, and helping write behavioral notes.
  • Regular partnerships with local private schools allow interns the chance to help young people meet their potential. Psychology interns can assist special education teachers in classrooms, play a role in social skills training, and work with speech-language therapists.
  • Some interns work as summer camp counselors with the goal of addressing behavioral, emotional and intellectual challenges across the lifespan. Interns develop and lead activities while applying principles of behavioral management.
  • Additional psychology internships are available in guidance counseling, human resources, career counseling, preschool instruction/care, adult medical daycare, occupational therapy, school psychology, and health psychology/athletic training. 

Make connections from the classroom to real-world

Explore what it is like to work in a certain setting or with a particular population

Gain valuable field experience, which bolsters your resume and enhances your chances of graduate school admission

Build confidence and a sense of professional identity

Strengthen communication and problem-solving skills

Develop a deeper understanding of various aspects of Psychology

2 credits for 70 hours/semester

4 credits for 140 hours/semester

  • Dixon Valve Human Resources Department
  • Garnett Elementary School (working with children who need extra support)
  • Kent County Adult Medical Daycare
  • Little Creek (an early childhood learning center)
  • Psychiatric day programs:
    • Arundel Lodge, Inc.
    • Crossroads Community Center
  • Radcliffe Creek School (special education)
  • Sheppard Pratt Hospital (various wards)
  • Speech language pathology, school psychology, and occupational therapy work at various locations
  • Summer camps and training for the behaviorally disturbed
    • ABA2Day Behavior Services
    • Camp Fairleeo Camp Ramapo
    • Camp Wediko
  • Whitsett Center (for the treatment of substance use disorders)
  • Wye River Upper School (group social skills training with high schoolers)