Crouse-Enokido Fellowship for Study in Asia and Beyond

Washington College students may be awarded financial assistance for semester-long study abroad in Asia and other under-represented regions through an endowed fund named for a College Trustee and his wife who have lived and traveled across Asia.

 Sharing a Global Perspective

Mr. Thomas C. Crouse and Ms. Kashiyo EnokidoTom Crouse ’59 and Kay Enokido have a strong belief that obtaining intense experiences with other cultures, races and religions adds dramatically to one’s ability to function effectively in our increasingly complex world. To this end, they have established a fund to provide fellowships to support the additional costs of study abroad for Washington College students who, financially, might not otherwise be able to make a semester or year abroad possible.

Tom graduated from Washington College in 1959 and completed graduate work at Columbia University in New York City. Study abroad options did not exist during his time at Washington College, however he eventually joined Citibank and was sent to Hong Kong for nearly five years. From there, he went to Tokyo where he met Kay, a Japanese who had recently attended Indiana University. Since then their joint lives have been deeply immersed in the international world, including four years in Indonesia. Following time in New York City (where Kay received a Master’s degree from Columbia University) and San Francisco, they established their own business in Washington, DC where they developed a successful operation involving numerous international partners and clients. Kay eventually became the President of the Hay Adams hotel.

Tom and Kay strongly believe that those intense international experiences have resulted in a life of great variety and broad views of life, diversity and the values of all peoples and cultures. They look forward to getting to know those who receive this fellowship support.

Who is Eligible & What is Covered?

Students of any major may receive a Crouse-Enokido Fellowship, but priority will be given to students who have declared a minor in Asian Studies or the Asian Studies concentration in the International Studies program and/or have studied (or express interest in studying) an Asian language. Awards are competitive, with priority given to students with demonstrated financial need. The amount of the fellowship varies, but typically ranges from $1,500-$4,000 to cover costs beyond usual Washington College tuition, housing, meals, and fees, such as airfare, visa fees, special program fees, and lost wages while studying abroad. Eligible Washington College semester-long programs in Asia are in China (Hong Kong), Japan (Tokyo), and South Korea (Seoul). In addition, students applying for study at Washington College’s 11 partner institutions in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East are eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Students should indicate their interest in being considered for a Crouse-Enokido Fellowship in their application essay for semester-long study abroad. Awards will be made both in the fall and spring semesters. Awards will be determined based on financial need, academic merit, and the total number of applications received. Students should indicate in their application essay how they fit the criteria for the award, such as special interests related to Asia or other parts of the world and special circumstances related to financial need. Selected fellowship recipients will be notified together with their acceptance into a Washington College study abroad program.