Curricular Programming with Digital Media Services

Curricular Programming

Curricular Programming

Digital Media Services offers workshops that assist in meeting your curricular goals by augmenting your classroom instruction with hands-on workshops and project based learning. These workshops afford opportunities for the students to explore the curricular topic in new exciting and engaging ways, utilizing many of the tools and theories of the below subjects:

•  Visual Literacy

•  Design Thinking

•  Digital Storytelling

•  Maker Culture & Skills

•  Media Production

•  Developing an     Entrepreneurial Mindset

•  Creative Process

•  Innovative Problem Solving

•  Time Management

•  Team building

They can be scheduled in the IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite or at times within your classroom when desired. Related support is available to the students outside the scheduled class time as well through office hours and scheduled appointments with staff, and 7 days a week through student consultants operating the IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite.
Curricular programming often sparks an ongoing interest in that can be cultivated through co-curricular programming offered by Digital Media Services. Learn more about co-curricular programming available through IDEAWORKS here.