Conference Services Visitors During COVID-19


    Who can visit?

    Visitors are welcome on campus. All visitors are required to abide by our campus policies during their visit, as well as any other protocols. 

     They must complete the campus visitor form.

    Visitors who fulfill the criterion above must follow the below protocol:

    1. All visitors are required to register their visit by completing the Campus Visitor Form below.
      • The Campus Visitor Form is for registration purposes only. Please note that visitors will be contacted only if we need to discuss their registration.
    2. Approved visitors should know we have largely returned to normal.
    3. Approved visitors using the campus grounds will be asked to follow federal, state, and local protocols, as noted on campus signage.
    4. If any visitor experiences flu-like symptoms, they should depart campus as soon as possible.

    Thank you for helping to keep our campus as safe as possible.

    Campus Visitor Form

    If you wish to visit our campus and 1) your visit is for a Conference Services activity or Event, and 2) you are not experiencing any COVID symptoms, please complete the below form.

    By initialing in the provided space I understand and agree to the policy above about visiting campus and the personal medical check required on the day of my visit.


    Vehicle Registration

    Vehicles parked on campus without a displayed Parking Permit may be ticketed or towed. If you are bringing a vehicle to campus, please register it below and print out the parking permit available on the right column of this page.

    First and Last Name
    Vehicle Make and Model

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