Planning an Event During COVID-19

    Attending a Conference

    Click here to read our guidelines for attending a conference.

    The health and safety of our clients is our top priority. If you're planning on holding an in-person conference at Washington College, we will work with you  to ensure all guidelines will be followed.

    For the point of contact:

    • Will you make sure all participants wear masks during their time inside the facility, and remove anyone violating this mandate?
    • Will you gather and review a pre-screening questionnaire for all participants?
    • Will you mandate remote learning for anyone with positive, COVID-related answers?
    • Will you coordinate a staggered entry for registration to allow social distancing?
    • Will you coordinate staggered restroom, snack and lunch breaks to allow social distancing?

    For attendees:

    • Are you (or is anyone in your household) waiting on test results for COVID-19 at this time?
    • Will you take your temperature no more than 90 minutes prior to the event time?
    • Have you (or has anyone in your household) experienced any new symptoms of COVID-19, such as loss of taste and smell, dry cough, difficulty breathing, increased fatigue, nausea, etc.?
    • Have you (or has anyone in your household) been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past three weeks?

    Conference Planning

    • Booking requirements

      Booking an event at Washington College is still easy and quick. There is one additional acknowledgement regarding pandemic policy that must be signed; otherwise it is the same efficient process.

      Encourage contact tracing and pre-screens

      Having a list of names and phone numbers requires minimal effort and yields great reward if any need for contact tracing arises. Health screening is also encouraged, such as temperature monitoring, symptom checks, or PCR testing.

      Hybrid events

      Having some participants on-site while others participate remotely is a great combination that integrates in-person connection and pandemic safety.

      We can also spread attendees throughout our meeting rooms and simulcast the keynote message.

      Masking and distancing

      Washington College is following state, local, and College set guidelines for masking and distancing. As new information becomes available, the Conference Services team will adapt current regulations.

      Above all, stay home if you feel sick or have a fever. Continue washing your hands and covering coughs.

      Cleaning, seating, and sanitizer

      Washington College is committed to providing a clean and healthy environment for everyone who enters the campus. Our janitorial staff has been properly trained to disinfect all rooms prior to and after leaving the meeting space. The seating will be marked and distanced according to current safety regulations and sanitizer will be available at several points in both buildings.

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