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Requesting Print or Copy Jobs:

Welcome to the print/copy center at Washington College. We are located in the Casey Academic Center, lower level, under the stairs.  Our staff can assist you with any copy or print task, either simple or complex with budget friendly prices.

Requests for Print/Copy Services:

Print and copy jobs can ONLY be accepted electronically via email request to Katie Brilz at

All requests for print or copy jobs must be received in PDF format and must be in final copy format.  We can not process any other type of document.  Please remember that we do "not" edit, correct, adjust or proofread your copy, before or after printing or copying.

If your print job is for a college Department you MUST include the appropriate departmental account code to charge the print job to for proper accounting please.

Service requests should always include a WCCS Print Job Request Form in order to properly handle the request. 



  • Print/Copy job requests made by 12 noon, are completed on a first come first serve basis and completed the same or next day, unless there are unusual delays.  We will email you if there is going to be a delay.  Please respect our 12 noon cutoff.
  • Once your print/copy job request has been completed, you will receive an email.  Your completed copies/prints will be available in the Print/Copy jobs completed box in the Departmental Area outside of Central Services next to the elevator
  • Copyright restrictions do not allow us to copy books or originals.

 About Service

If you have a special or large job request, please contact Katie Brilz at 410-810-7112 before submitting your request.

For more information about printing and copying services, please read the WC Central Services GUIDE to Services.


If you would like to know more about printing and copying services, please contact the Katie Brilz at 410-810-7112