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Cromwell Fellowships for Faculty

Our Faculty Fellows program supports faculty developing new courses and programs with a specific focus on academic technology and interdisciplinarity.

The Cromwell Center is here to foster faculty creativity and innovation.


Four Fellowships are Available:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Course Development

For projects to create or significantly revise courses that promote understanding and meaningful engagement with different perspectives and experiences, including those of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups

Innovative Pedagogy in Course Development

Support to a faculty member create or re-vamp courses that are designed to make the most of the resources in the office of Instructional Technology by introducing a significant technological component to the class. 

Interdisciplinary Course Development

Support to one or more faculty members to create courses that are designed to examine important issues from multiple interdisciplinary perspectives.

Interdisciplinary Program Development

Support to bolster an existing interdisciplinary program (minor, concentration, or track) or exploring possibilities for the creation of a new interdisciplinary program (major, minor, concentration, or track).


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