Ride or fly and get reimbursed!

Travel Assistance

Campus visits are critical to the process of choosing which college or university is right for you. A campus visit allows you to experience the trip involved to get to the school, the people who are on campus, and the learning environment on campus.

Washington College will reimburse the cost of half of your plane, train or bus ticket up to $150. If you choose to attend WC, we will reimburse the second half of your ticket up to $150. This reimbursement only applies to the student’s ticket, and is only applicable for one trip. To request travel reimbursement, complete the travel reimbursement form. This does not include personal vehicles or the cost of fuel.

For more information about fly-in reimbursement please contact Shannon Whitaker at 410-778-7700 or email her at swhitaker2@washcoll.edu.

Let us help you plan your trip

Find directions to campus and local accommodations, or email wc_admissions@washcoll.edu for recommendations on lodging and travel to fit your specific needs.