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Data Analytics

Let's Get Analytical

Data Analytics, a subfield of Data Science, provides knowledge and skills in data collection and analysis for supporting decision-making within organizations. The guiding principles of this inquiry-based minor are consistent with the principles of a liberal education and it will provide students with the tools and concepts needed to function effectively in an increasingly data-driven world. The coursework is multidisciplinary and covers statistics, visualization techniques, data mining techniques, and other types of data modeling techniques.

Data analytics orients the student towards the application of such skills and knowledge to organizational issues. Essentially, students learn the discipline of examining an organizational problem specified in human terms, analyzing it, designing a solution, simulating that solution using mathematics and computers, reflecting and reworking the results of the simulation, and finally, communicating the new knowledge in a concise and clear way. A key theme underlying this minor is the ethical use of data. 





Austin Lobo

Associate Prof. of Computer Science; Director, Information Systems Minor.