Tree Campus Higher Education

    In Spring 2020, Washington College completed the requirements to become Tree Campus Higher Education certified. 

    Tree Campus Higher Education

    The inaugural events to commemorate our Arboretum included planting a tree from Mount Vernon, and nourishing it with soil generated at the Campus Garden in collaboration with the Compost Team. The launch was postponed due to the COVID pandemic.

    The campus trees are doing well, thanks to the thoughtful stewardship of our dedicated grounds team led by Mallory Westlund, who follows best practices developed by our Tree Campus Higher Education committee. 

    Virginia Gent Decker Arboretum sign

    In April 2021, we will complete the dedication of our achievement with a special sign produced by Brian Palmer, Director of Digital Media Services. Engraved on wood from a campus tree, it showcases our Arboretum logo designed by naturalist Pamela Cowart-Rickman. It will be gently illuminated with embedded LEDs, positioned in the shade of one of our campus’ magnificent canopy trees.


    Campus Arboretum

    One of our ongoing projects is updating the inventory of our campus arboretum (PDF), which showcases over 700 trees! Peek inside the 1997 arboretum inventory for a preview of our forthcoming list!

    Our Arboretum Team

    • Jemima Clark, Chair
    • Shane Brill
    • Martin Connaughton
    • Frank Creegan
    • Mike Hardesty
    • Brian Palmer
    • Dan Small
    • Mallory Westlund