Bike Share

    Bike Share is a program run by the Student Government Association to give students free access to bicycles while the school year is in session.

    Once registered for the program, students have access to the bike fleet for the whole semester. The bikes must be checked back in once a week for maintenance checks and redistribution. Each comes with a bike lock and key to help ensure the safety of the bikes. 


    How can I register and begin using the program? 

    To check out a bike:

    1. Print and fill out the check out form (PDF).

    2. Head to the Office of Student Engagement (located in Hodson).

    3. Sign in with the following information:

    • Name
    • ID #
    • Date checked out
    • Date to be returned
    • Bike #
    • Helmet taken

    4. Lastly, we want to prevent bikes from being stolen during the rental period, so please don’t forget to have it locked to a bike rack!

    What do I do if there’s a problem with the bike?

    Please inform the Office of Student Engagement by email (). Please report any issues to the Office of Student Engagement when you are checking the bike back in. 

    If the bike is damaged or stolen while it is in your care, you will be responsible for the charges associated with either fixing or replacing the bike, as stated in the terms and conditions. 

    Where can I take the bike?

    You are welcome to use the bike on campus and around the Chestertown area, including a trip to the movies or the grocery store. We ask that you not transport the bikes out of town for longer trips. 

    How long can I keep the bike?

    You are welcome to use the bike for up to a week. You can keep it for just an afternoon, overnight, or multiple days. The bike will need to be back at the Bike Share rack outside of Hodson Hall a week after it was checked out. If you are unsure when you need to return it, you can email  or stop by the Office of Student Engagement. 

    Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

    The Student Government Association guides Washington College to a carbon neutral future by providing the infrastructure and leadership for programs like Bike Share and related environmental efforts including Back to Tap, the Campus Garden, and the Compost Program.