Forging a Legacy of Her Own

Shannel  Fraser

Class of 2024 • Alexandria, Virginia
If you were to ask Shannel Fraser one, if not the main, reason as to why she chose Washington College, it would have to be her older sister, Shaniece.


 After seeing the amount of experiences and opportunities available at the College, as well as how much her own sibling was thriving, Shannel knew immediately that she wanted to attend—and found herself forging her own unique path.

Upon arriving, Shannel found herself exploring qualities, and further sharpening a wide range of different skills that spark her interests, which range from striving to lead others, to initiating active change towards achieving a safe space for students of color on campus, to making connections with others on the College campus.

And, when it comes to academics, with an intended business management major and a minor in international business, Shannel—alongside broadening her knowledge in the field—has the opportunity to apply those same skills with each course she takes.

She is also encouraged to open up through the influence of, as she explains, “the people that I’ve met before [enrolling to WC] and the people that I’ve met in organizations like in Alpha Chi Omega and Intercultural Affairs”. These communities have been instrumental in Shannel taking further part in the surrounding campus and community.

Under the tutelage of her surrounding environment and peers, Shannel finds further confidence in herself to utilize her ambitious nature to notable causes, including serving as the Vice President of Planning for the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and as an Intercultural Ambassador for the Office of Intercultural Affairs.

She cites her professors in her major department as a significant, present influence in her college experience, both in and outside of the classroom.

“Whenever you need help, they are always there,” she said. “They can be an email away or an office hour away, [and] they would literally schedule time out of their day to find ways to help you if [and when] you want it.” Through the guiding hands of other noted WC faculty members such as Dr. Carese Bates at the Office of Intercultural Affairs and Professor Hui-Ju Tsai of the Business Management academic department, Shannel has only continued to grow into her own individual person and make the most out of her college experience, determined to make effective, efficient change, and consistently rise to the challenge to make that happen.

[Through] resilience and patience, WC has taught me that if you don’t push for change, it’s not going to happen,” she said. “If you want something to be done, you have to do it yourself.”