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Provost and Dean of the College

  • Kiho Kim, Provost and Dean of the College
  • Angel Stannahan, Executive Assistant to the Provost and Dean of the College

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Pvosot Kiho Kim Headshot

Kiho Kim, Provost and Dean of the College

The Provost and Dean of the College is responsible for the academic affairs of the College and is accountable to the President and the Board. The Provost and Dean is responsible for continuing study of academic policy, for the quality of instruction, for faculty recruitment, for the organization and operation of the student advising program, and for academic affairs in general. In the absence of the President, the Provost and Dean is the superior officer of the College.

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Anne Parrish

Anne Marteel-Parrish, Associate Dean of Faculty

As the Associate Dean of Faculty, I help position Washington College as a leader in liberal arts education by cultivating a sense of community and open communication.

In this role, I lead onboarding and mentoring for new faculty as well as for Chairs and Program Directors. I assist Department Chairs and Program Directors with recruiting and hiring of visiting and adjunct faculty and serve as the Provost’s representative on the Academic Resources & Services Committee, on the Curriculum Committee, and on the Service and Scholarship Committee. I also work with the co-Directors of the Cromwell Center for Teaching and Learning and with the Assistant Dean for Grants to support faculty development opportunities, including interdisciplinary initiatives and faculty development related to teaching, scholarship, diversity, and technology.

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Knight Headshot

Alisha Knight, Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Senior Equity Officer

In my role as Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, I lead efforts to foster an inclusive learning environment for all Washington College students.  As Senior Equity Officer, I help shape and implement the College’s strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion.  This work involves partnering with departments to help attract, recruit, and retain diverse faculty, librarians, and Academic Affairs staff.  I collaborate with others to facilitate faculty and staff development that supports diversity and inclusion goals.  I lead efforts to assess and report the progress of these initiatives. I also partner with Student Affairs to support a welcoming and inclusive living environment for all students.

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Lampman Headshot

Aaron Lampman, Dean of Student Achievement and Success

The Dean of Student Achievement and Success helps students solve problems that interfere with their academic progress. Working collaboratively with Student Affairs and all parts of the college, the Dean oversees programs, support, and interventions that help students learn and grow.

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Schweitzer Headshot

Ken Schweitzer, Associate Dean for Arts and Programming

As Associate Dean for Arts and Programming, I seek grant opportunities in the Arts, in appropriate collaboration with the Assistant Dean for Grants and the Associate Director of Institutional Giving and Stewardship. I also support marketing and enrollment efforts related to the Arts.  Additionally, I explore and help develop Arts-related collaborations with the three Centers of Excellence.  

In addition to the above duties, I maintain the Provost Office website, support communication efforts from the Registrar, and enagge in special projects, such as the developing of an online catalog to be implemented in April 2024. 

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Bateman Headshot

Hilary Bateman, Assistant Dean of Advising and Academic Advocacy

In my role as Assistant Dean of Advising and Academic Advocacy, I work to create a meaningful and educationally effective advising experience and support all students.  I work with student individually to create and implement plans for success, and define what success means for them and their Washington College experience. I provide training and leadership in our academic advising programs, supporting advisors to provide a holistic and supportive transition from high school to college to major to graduation and beyond! 
Benson Headshot

Jennifer Benson, Assistant Dean of Transfer Pathways

Dr. Benson works among the Washington College Dean and Department Chairs to create Articulation Agreements with community colleges in the region.  These agreements provide guidance for students who intend to complete their associates at a community college and then transfer to Washington College for the bachelor’s degree.  In addition, she helps students to secure course transfer credit where a student has some coursework that needs additional review.  Finally, Dr. Benson works with the Registrar’s office to update the database of transferable courses on ARTSYS, the Maryland database of transfer equivalencies.

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Kehm Headshot

Karl Kehm, Assistant Dean for Grants

As Assistant Dean for Grants, I work with faculty members and the College Advancement office to promote and support grant seeking at Washington College, especially among faculty members. In this role, I help faculty to identify grant opportunities, collect pertinent data, secure administrative approval, and support faculty in the application and reporting processes. This position works collaboratively with the college’s Executive Director of Institutional and Government Giving and other staff responsible for grant management. I report to the Provost.

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Sabine Harvey Headshot

Sabine Harvey, Director of Student Success

As the Director of Student Success, I support the Dean for Student Achievement and Success (Dr. Aaron Lampman). I work closely with individual students, to help them gain the skills, confidence, and mindset needed for college success. In collaboration with faculty, staff and Student Affairs I try to create a positive and safe learning environment for all students. It is my goal to help students with whatever challenges they may face and provide them with the appropriate resources.