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Washington College Policies

Welcome to the Washington College Policy Management Program


The Washington College Policy Management Program supports numerous College departments by assisting in the development, review, dissemination, and communication of institutional policies.  This program is managed by the College’s policy manager housed in the Office of the President.

All Washington College Policies

The purpose of the policy management program is to create an effective, efficient, and robust policy program for all College community members to utilize, access, and engage in College policies.

 Current Efforts

The policy management program continues to onboard departments across the College and to transition their policies and any relevant supplemental documents to the centralized policy site. During the policy transition period many policies will remain available on individual department sites until they are converted to the new platform. If you are unable to find a specific policy on the College’s policy site, please explore the specific department’s website.
Individuals who wish to develop a new policy or revise an existing administrative policy should contact the policy manager to begin the process. 

Future Plans

While the current focus of the policy management program is on administrative policies, the program aims to eventually provide structure and support for all unit-level policies across the College. Units seeking guidance on policy development and review in their area should reach out to the policy manager to set up a consultation.

Specific to HR Policies

The information contained herein is not to be considered contractual promises. The information is subject to the legal documents that pertain to each benefit plan and the appropriate policies, procedures and contracts. Policies can be changed unilaterally by the Office of Human Resources at any time. Human Resources will make every effort to inform employees of changes in a timely manner. In cases of conflict, the official documents and revised policies in effect at the time in question will prevail.

Policies are applicable for all College Faculty and Staff unless the policy is noted as specifically for Faculty or Staff. For purposes of the Policies, “employee” refers to such employees including both Faculty and Staff. 

Policies may provide information that conflicts with provisions for employees hired by special appointment, contract or as at-will employees. In such cases, these employees may be exempt from certain provisions of these policies. In cases of conflict between the terms contained in these policies and the special appointment or individual contract, the terms of the appointment or contract will prevail. 

These policies apply to all employees. However, where it conflicts with any contract, such as insurance summary plan descriptions, that contract shall control. The policies on this page supersede all prior handbooks or policies.

Policies contain may summaries and general overviews; it is not all-inclusive. For more information about specific policies please contact the Office of Human Resources and/ or the contact person or department referenced in the policy text.