Visitor Policy

Washington College has formalized a COVID Visitor Policy outlining the procedures for receiving visitors to campus.

At this time, general visitors are not permitted to access buildings on campus. This includes the Bookstore, Dining Hall, Library, and athletic facilities. Pedestrian traffic is allowed on the campus grounds, but anyone visiting the grounds must comply with the mask requirement.

Generally, visitors are those whose presence on campus is essential to the operations of the College and any of its approved programs. To ensure the continued health and safety of all in the WC community, administration is working hard to ensure that visitors will:

  • Be registered to be on campus 24 hours prior to their arrival
  • Complete a Wellness Check, composed of a symptom checklist, prior to being granted access to campus
  • Wear a face covering for the duration of their visit to campus in compliance with the Mask Policy.

Guests at on-campus events and activities, including performances and athletic competitions, are restricted to members of our campus community (students, faculty, staff) with the exception of events that have the primary goal of student recruitment and enrollment, such as open houses and info sessions held by the Admissions Department.


Students living on campus or in Chestertown should not plan on having family and friends visit during the semester. If it is absolutely necessary, they should plan to meet friends or families at an off-campus location in the Chestertown area and are expected to abide by all local and state laws and adhere to social distancing measures, including the wearing of masks in stores and in public outdoors where social distancing is not possible. The official visitor’s policy is primarily for visitors essential to the operations of the College.

Meal deliveries to on-campus students by outside restaurants/vendors are not considered essential and delivery personnel will not be permitted on campus for this purpose.


Students living off campus are not permitted to host gatherings either indoors or outdoors in their off-campus houses or apartments. After February 15, the College will re-evaluate whether or not small gatherings with those outside of their household may occur outdoors off-campus with proper social distancing and mask wearing. Indoor gatherings (initially prohibited) will be re-evaluated after Spring Break.