Travel Policy

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Domestic Travel:

At this time, there are no restrictions on domestic travel during the fall semester. Students are free to come and go from campus as they choose. (Though please remember that classes will be in-person so you can’t just pop into a class from anywhere anymore!) We do encourage anyone who travels away from campus to follow CDC guidance, which currently indicates that masks are still required for anyone – regardless of vaccination status -- using public transportation or air travel. You will also want to keep abreast of the COVID situation in the places you plan to visit, as outbreaks or upticks in illness rates may occur.

International Travel

The College will be determining a policy around College-sponsored international travel for the fall and may continue to restrict travel to certain countries depending upon their State Department or CDC Alert Level status. Please make sure you check with the Global Education Office about those College-sponsored programs and whether or not it is approved.

Students participating in personal travel or non-WC-sponsored international travel should exercise caution and research the status of travel from the US to that country and back before making arrangements by checking the U.S. State Department website.