Quarantine & Isolation


For the spring semester, there are three different types of quarantine that all students should be familiar with and adhere to. They are:

Quarantine Prior to Arrival

All students living on campus or in the Chestertown area are expected to quarantine at home (or their place of residence) during the 14 days prior to their scheduled arrival to campus or Chestertown. This is to minimize to the greatest extent possible the number of students who test positive upon their return. Students will be scheduled for a staggered return and testing from January 19 - February 1.

Quarantine Upon Arrival

All students arriving on campus or in the Chestertown area will go through a mandatory 14-day quarantine (this is along with the gateway testing.) This is to mitigate asymptomatic spread of the virus and ensure that we return to campus operations gradually and safely. Additionally, the (albeit small) chance of a false negative from the gateway test makes this quarantine until the second test is administered a critical element of this protocol.

Quarantine Due to Exposure

If a student is determined to have been exposed to the virus, or has been identified as a close contact, they will be required to quarantine. Depending upon the student's current living arrangements and the nature of the exposure, this may mean a quarantine-in-place or moving into the designated Quarantine Housing.

Quarantining & Isolating

As required of facilities who have residential occupancy when a Public Health pandemic emergency is declared, Washington College has identified spaces for students who must isolate or quarantine. For students living on campus, there will be a total of 68 beds for quarantine and isolation.

  • Corsica will serve as the isolation hall (for students who are ill and/or tested positive)
  • Kent will serve as the quarantine hall (for students who are not ill but have had a potential exposure or have been identified as a close contact.)
  • Off-campus students will be able to isolate and quarantine at their off-campus residences but will be expected to follow the same protocols as on-campus students.
  • Students are expected to comply with all isolation and quarantine guidelines if ordered to do so by a Washington College official.


If a Washington College student tests positive for COVID-19, they are required to isolate for at least 10 days and monitor for symptoms. If symptoms persist, the isolation period could extend beyond 10 days. They can isolate in the designated on-campus isolation housing, in their off-campus housing, or return home (if it is safe to do so). 

  • If a student becomes ill and tests positive, our first goal will be to try to get the student back home with their families if at all possible. While understanding that ill students would not be able to use public transportation, this would require family members to pick them up. The student can be housed in the Isolation Residence Hall until the time they can be picked up to travel home. Students and families concerned that returning home may present health risks to other family members should communicate those to the Quarantine & Isolation Coordinator or a staff member in Health Services.

Quarantine & Isolation Coordinators

Quarantine & Isolation Coordinators will provide care and monitoring for our students required to stayin our designated Isolation & Quarantine residence halls. These services will include but are not limited to:

  • facilitating pick up of ill students and their necessary belongings from their residence hall room and transporting them to the isolation space
  • coordinating meal deliveries through College dining services
  • daily observation/check-ins with students in the Q&I residence halls and coordinating services with Health and Counseling as needed
  • provide over-the-counter medicines if needed
  • coordination of cleaning and linen services
  • coordination of and assistance with contact tracing for faculty, staff and students
  • notification of Provost’s Office when a student is unable to attend classes
  • notification of Provost’s Office when the student is cleared to return to classes

Students can contact the Quarantine & Isolation Coordinators group at 443-480-1196.

NOTE: The Kent County Health Department has established a protocol whereby the health officer can serve anyone who is deemed a public health risk with a mandatory isolation/quarantine order that is enforceable under law and carries stiff penalties if not followed. This applies to students living on our campus or in town (as it does for anyone living in Kent County).

After-Hours/Weekend Care

The College will be staffed with Quarantine & Isolation Coordinators 24/7. Any student who requires care or intervention will have access to this team at any time, day or night. The Q&I Staff, in turn, will have access to on-call medical personnel. They will consult with those professionals as needed. Should any student need more urgent care, the Q&I Coordinators will assist in transporting them to the local hospital.

COVID testing is only available Mon-Fri during normal business hours.


It is critically important to not stigmatize anyone who requires isolation or quarantine. These procedures are for the health and safety of everyone in our community. Stigmatizing, identifying or profiling anyone placed in isolation or quarantine by way of social media, verbally, electronically or otherwise has no place on our campus and, in some cases, may also be a violation of conduct policies.