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Cordie Goodrich ’15 (left) readies an autonomous underwater glider at BIOS with Ruth Curry, the lead scientist in the MAGIC lab.

Scientists in the Drone Age

From Antarctica to Belize to Bermuda, three recent alumnae are finding careers in the cutting-edge science of using drones and remote sensing to study coastal and marine environments.


Greg Lee ’15, a software engineer at Amazon, is enjoying life in Seattle.

Head in the Cloud

A computer science and mathematics graduate is working for Amazon’s Route 53, a DNS system that is part of its cloud computing platform.


Students and staff celebrate the College's new chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honor society in mathematics.

New Honors for Math and Computer Science

The College’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is celebrating its new chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honor society in math.


Brad Janocha ’16 and Daniel Benton ’17 are journeyman leaders in the GIS Lab.

 Lightning Learning

As journeyman leaders in the College’s GIS Lab, Brad Janocha and Daniel Benton are presenting at international conferences, teaching younger students, and reveling in overseeing real-world projects. 


Monica Linnell ’17 was accepted to the National Security Scholars Program and is working this summer as a software developer for Lockheed Martin.

 Secure Connection

With their acceptance into a prestigious national security program, two Washington College math and computer science students have opened a remarkable door into their post-graduate careers.