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Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

This interdisciplinary minor consists of six courses (24 credits). Two Humanities courses, three Social Sciences courses and one additional course in any discipline are required.

At least two of these six courses must pertain to black culture outside of the United States, and students are encouraged to take three of these courses. Pre-approved Study Abroad courses may also count toward the minor (e.g., ECN 238 South African Economy offered at Rhodes University, South Africa). One-credit music ensembles may count toward the minor only if the student takes four semesters of the same ensemble. Students may request that a special topics course or a course not cross-listed with Black Studies be applied toward the minor. Credit for such courses may be granted only with the program director’s approval and upon the completion of specific course requirements. Students planning to complete the Black Studies minor should notify the director of their intentions and consult with the director when selecting courses for the minor.

Social Sciences Courses That Count Toward the Black Studies Minor

  • ANT 320. Race and Ethnicity
  • ECN 218. Economic Development
  • HIS 319. African American History
  • HIS 371. History of South Africa
  • POL 341. Politics of Development
  • POL 356. Civil War and Violence In Africa
  • POL 348. Latin American Politics
  • SOC 221. Social Inequalities
  • SOC 240. Criminology

Humanities Courses That Count Toward the Black Studies Minor

  • ENG 213, 214. Introduction to African American Literature
  • ENG 345. The African American Novel
  • ENG 370. The Harlem Renaissance
  • ENG 377. 2PACalypse Now!
  • ENG 470. Toni Morrison
  • FRS 312. The Contemporary Francophone World
  • FRS 419. Studies in Francophone Literature and Culture
  • GRS 315. Minorities in Germany: Reading at the Margins
  • MUS 303. American Music
  • MUS 305. History of Jazz
  • MUS 313. Ethnomusicology in Latin America
  • One credit music ensembles: Jazz Ensemble Jazz Combo Afro-Cuban Ensemble Steel Pan Ensemble 

Senior Capstone Experience

Students who complete a Senior Capstone Experience project that focuses on a Black Studies topic may request to have their SCE credits applied toward the Black Studies minor. A student must first receive approval for the SCE according to the requirements stipulated by the major department. A copy of the approved SCE proposal must be submitted to the Black Studies program director in order to be considered for Black Studies course credit. If approved by the program director, the student would receive credit for one four-credit course within the Black Studies minor upon successful completion of the SCE.