peer mentors and RAs in front of Smith Hall

    Welcome New Students!

    Congratulations on your achievement—You are part of an incoming class full of driven, intelligent, and socially engaged students whom we are excited to have join the Washington College community. 

    At Washington, our focus is on your success. From the moment you step on campus, the Washington College experience is designed to prepare you to thrive.

    Your Washington career starts with the Explore! orientation program that lets you connect with classmates and get an understanding of how things work. The First-Year Seminar (FYS) introduces you to academic life at the College and gives you the skills you need to succeed at Washington. More information about these and other important actions to take are organized in the menu for this section.

    In addition to specific programming, you also have expert guides. Your First-Year Advisors, Peer Mentors, and Resident Assistants can’t wait to meet you and help you get started.

    Welcome to your first year at Washington College—We are thrilled you are here!

    Your First-Year Team

    All staff and faculty at Washington College are committed to supporting all of our students throughout their College career, but these six staff members may be particularly helpful to you as you settle in.

    Danielle Archambault at her desk

    Danielle L. Archambault
    Director, Office of Academic Skills

    #1 Tip for New Students: Get involved in campus life early, and don't hesitate to ask for help.

    Favorite Place on Campus: Inside: Miller Library Outside: Campus Green

    When You Knew Washington College Was Home: I knew Washington College was home during my on-campus interview. Everyone I encountered that day was welcoming and respectful.

    Hilary Bateman at her desk

    Hilary Bateman
    Assistant Dean of Advising & Academic Advocacy

    #1 Tip for New Students: Talk to everyone- you never know who will have advice or when you might be in a situation when you'll benefit from advice. That's the beauty of college, you're learning so many new things and so many people are excited to help you learn. That will be your fellow first years, your peer mentors, other students, faculty, staff, pretty much anyone on campus!

    Favorite Place on Campus: I love the library. I worked on the 2nd floor for many years  but each floor has a different vibe and even different corners of different floors have a different feel so there is something there for everyone.

    When You Knew Washington College Was Home: At least once a week I'm reminded why WAC is my home and has been for so long. Every time a staff or faculty brings introduces me to a student and I can tell they're just as excited for me to meet that student as they are for the student to meet me- I know what a wonderful community we have and I'm reminded why I love it here.

    Portrait of Tricia Biles

    Tricia Connor Biles
    Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Success

    #1 Tip for New Students: Meaningful friendships take time. Be patient with yourself and your peers as you grow your social network.

    Favorite Place on Campus: the waterfront.

    When You Knew Washington College Was Home: Student-centered, collaborative leadership is my passion. I felt at home here at Washington when the student-centered support model we created in Peer Mentor training was adopted by the Retention Working Group for the annual retention report.

    Antoine Jordan at his desk

    Antoine Jordan '12
    Director of Student Engagement

    #1 Tip for New Students: Take advantage of every opportunity presented to you while you're here. You'll never know where those experiences will take you or how they might change your life!

    Favorite Place on Campus: This is tough! Definitely the Miller Library Terrace OR to porch of Semans-Griswold Hall on the Chester River!

    When You Knew Washington College Was Home: This is something I've experienced many times both as a student and as a staff member. The first time was my visit for admitted students day. The gorgeous spring weather with all the trees in bloom on campus, mixed with the incredibly welcoming faculty and staff who treated me and my twin brother like we were already a part of the Washington College family drew us in and we've never looked back. Now, as a staff member, feeling that same sense of kindness and welcome from my peers and other administrators reminds me all the time why this is such a magical place.

    Lisa Moody at her desk

    Lisa Moody
    Associate Director for Career Development

    #1 Tip for New Students: Ask questions early, and reach out ahead of time if you're not able to do something. That shows responsibility and maturity. People are understanding and are typically wiling to help.

    Favorite Place on Campus: The Green. It's beautiful and peaceful.

    When You Knew Washington College Was Home: When I met the career center team and student workers. They were warm and welcoming.

    Portrait of Amy Sine

    Amy Sine
    Director of Residential Life

    #1 Tip for New Students: Ask for help early and often. Just because you tried on approach to your academic success doesn't mean that is the only option.  Your faculty are really invested in you being successful here.

    Favorite Place on Campus: The dining hall. I love getting to see so many friends, students, staff and faculty all at the same time.

    When You Knew Washington College Was Home: It was the inauguration of Sheila Bair.  The college had a selected its first female president and it was also friends and family weekend.  The feeling on campus was pure joy and happiness and I was excited to be a part of it.