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Thank you for considering joining the WC-ALL faculty.  Course proposals are accepted in the spring and early fall for the following semester. The information below may be helpful if you care to design a course:   OFFICE ASSISTANCE.  The WC-ALL Administrator will help you arrange for most special requirements such as:   o   Bus trips, field trips, or other activities related to your course o   Duplicating course materials (at no cost to you) o   Scheduling makeup classes   The WC-ALL office is open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.   CLASS SCHEDULE.  Most courses take place in Washington College locations, available to us after 4:15 PM during the week.  Classes meet once a week, for four to six weeks, and usually last 60-75 minutes.  Classrooms accommodate small discussion groups to large lectures, depending on your need.  (Note that WC-ALL generally does not offer hands-on, “how-to” classes such as bridge and pottery that are offered by other organizations.)   By special arrangement, we sometimes schedule classes at other times in other local meeting places such as Kent County Library, Heron Point, Town Hall, theatres, churches, or elsewhere.  The Curriculum Committee (call 410-778-7221 for contact information) will be happy to assist you in exploring these or other ideas on time, location, or class format.  Note that off-campus locations may not have chalk boards, whiteboards, or audio-visual resources and IT assistance.   AUDIO-VISUAL.  Most Washington College classrooms have audio-visual equipment if you wish to use it.  If you are hesitating to offer a course because of audio-visual concerns, we have a consultant on hand to help and train you.  Speak to the WC-ALL Administrator about your desire for some coaching or to schedule an advance visit to your classroom to familiarize yourself with the equipment. An IT training session is offered to instructors prior to each semester, led by the College IT staff.   SHOWCASE.  A WC-ALL course Showcase event is scheduled before each Spring and Fall semester.  Each instructor gives a two-minute course preview to an audience of prospective students.   CLASS ROSTER.  Shortly before classes begin, you will receive notice of your class location and a list of students.  You can decide if you wish to take attendance or not at each meeting.  It is normal for attendance to vary from one session to another, especially near the holidays and other high travel times.   RECOGNITION.  Along with other instructors, you will be publicly thanked at the WC-ALL Annual Meeting and Reception in the spring.  After classes, you will be recognized around town by students and new friends.   OTHER INFORMATION.  Scan other pages of our website ( for additional insight into the people and activities of our organization.   WC-ALL OFFICE.               Administrator:  Sue Calloway             Phone:  410-778-7221             Email:             Mailing Address:  WC-ALL, 300 Washington Avenue, Chestertown, MD  21620             Office Hours:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – 9:00am to 12:00pm