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Karl Kehm


Karl Kehm

Assistant Dean for Grants; Chair of Physics; McLain Associate Professor of Physics and Environmental Science & Studies


Faculty Leadership

Humanities- Dale Daigle

Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Mindy Reynolds

Social Sciences - Bridget Bunten


Anthropology - Kevin McKillop (acting)

Art & Art History -Benjamin Tilghman

Biology -Aaron Krochmal; Jennie Carr

Business Management - Susan Vowels

Chemistry- Leslie Sherman

Economics - Brian Scott (acting)

Education -  Bridget Bunten

English - Sean Meehan; Courtney Rydel

Environmental Science and Studies - Robin VanMeter

History - Janet Sorrentino

Mathematics & Computer Science - Dylan Poulsen

Music -John Leupold; Ken Schweitzer

Philosophy and Religion - Peter Weigel

Physics - Derek Thuecks

Political Science - Melissa Deckman

Psychology - Tia Murphy

Sociology - Rachel Durso

Theatre and Dance - Brendan Fox

World Languages and Cultures - Nicole Grewling; Cristina Casado Presa

Center for Teaching & Learning - Shaun Ramsey

First-Year Seminar - Martín Ponti

Writing Program - Sean Meehan

You may find the roster of Standing Committees here.