Dung Do



    Areas of Expertise: Organic Chemistry


    • CHE 120: Chem Prin. of Organic Molecules
    • CHE 140: Reactions of Organic Molecules and CHE 
    • CHE 340: Synthesis of Organic Molecules

    Research Description

    The Do lab intends to develop strategies for chemical synthesis that engage novel reactivity concepts to enable a rapid generation of architecturally complex molecules and new activation paradigm for C-H bonds. In the area of strategic asymmetric synthesis, we use oxidative dearomatization/desymetrization cascade reactions to construct complex molecules from simple building blocks under operational simple procedures. We use a special substrate-designing and feedstocks chiral pool to achieve high stereoselectivity for chemical transformations without the need of metal or chiral catalysts. In the context of C-H bond activation, we are interested in designing a novel organocatalysis in C-H activation paradigm in which an organic molecule mimics the role of palladium in the Wacker catalytic cycle in functionalization of challenging C-H bonds.