Bobbie Gormick Wyman

Class of 1963
Major/Minor: History and Spanish

My fifty year adventure after leaving W.C. actually began my freshman year when a sophomore by the name of Steve Wyman punched my ticket for the language lab.  On July 3rd ‘13 we will be married for 50 years!  

Aside from Steve, the other treasure I took from school was Spanish.  I have never forgotten Dr. Esther Dillon, her passion for the language and for life itself. I still use Spanish today and feel it was one of the most useful things I ever studies, especially here in Southern California.

Here at W. C. I majored in History and Spanish, preparing to teach when I graduated.  Steve got into medical school in Los Angeles so that was where we went. In order to find a job there, I had to leave WC. and finish my classes at the University of Southern California; graduating from Washington College in abstentia.

After teaching 7th grade for two years, I changed many, many diapers.  The joke in our family is that we had three children in three and a half years and then got a TV!  After that I went back to school got a second major in psychology and went on to earn my PhD. Eventually, I became a clinical psychologist and am still in practice.  

We now live close to the loves of our lives, our three children (Jessica, Sam and Heath) and our five grandchildren (Claire, Ray, Kyra, Leo and Reesa) A big friendly dog named Bear and a black cat named Mazel.  

Life has been varied and fun.  I’ve worked in many settings; hospitals, agencies, schools, prisons and many years of private practice, Steve and I love to travel and escape to our cabin in the woods.  We love company so if any of you find yourselves in California, look us up.  We would love to see you!