Chelsea Simpson

Current position: I work full-time as a Marketing Assistant at Marriner Marketing Communications in Columbia, Maryland. What do we do? At Marriner, our specialty is crafting and executing marketing strategies for major food and hospitality companies and associations including Perdue Farms, McCormick & Company, Chobani, Butterball, and Phillips Foods.

By reaching this short-term goal, I feel that much closer to one of my long-term goals–pursuing my passion for a career in Marketing.

My next short-term goal is to continue my education. Unlike some of my peers, I decided not to go directly to Graduate School. Instead, I plan to work fulltime and apply for graduate programs within the next two years. In the meantime, I have started to research graduate programs offered at Colleges and Universities in Maryland. Currently, I am very interested in a graduate program offered at Maryland Institute of College Art (MICA). Students enrolled in this program earn an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and an MA (Master of Art) in Design Leadership. In addition to exploring different colleges and universities, I have also started to prepare for my graduate application process by studying for the GMATs while working to improve my art portfolio. 

WC highlight: When I reflect back on my undergraduate experience at Washington College, I cannot pinpoint one specific highlight that stands out above the rest.  Instead, my incredible college experience is attributed to a combination of highlights and memories that were made during my four years at Washington College.

For instance: BUS 330, the summer international business experience in China in 2011, memories made with my sisters of Alpha Chi Omega, my wonderful professors who helped to change my perception on the value of a liberal arts education, Birthday Ball, last year’s Senior Art Show exhibit in Kohl Gallery, canoeing on the Chester River, traveling to Jamaica for Spring break with a group of my best friends, receiving the Department of Business Management Senior Capstone Award, being one of the three finalist for the Schottland Business Leadership Award and the list goes on…

What the award means to me: The Business Management Senior capstone process was a very rewarding experience. Not only was I able to apply the skills I had learned from my business management courses but also, I had the freedom to express my creativity, using design concepts I learned from my Studio Art courses. In addition, this experience gave me the opportunity to interact with an amazing group of students, faculty members and professors that I otherwise would not likely had the chance to meet. Overall, I learned so much from this experience and was honored to receive the Department of Business Management Senior Capstone Award at graduation. 


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