Leslie O’Neill

Class of 2007
Major/Minor: Biology, Premed

Leslie O’Neill ‘07, a biology major and chemistry minor, thought she’d found her professional calling during a Washington College internship with Dr. Deb Davis, the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Chester River Hospital Center in Chestertown.

With Dr. Davis’s encouragement, Leslie joined the local volunteer rescue squad and completed the Emergency Medicine Training course offered at the College. Throughout her junior year and the following summer, she shadowed Dr. Davis in the ER.

“I absolutely love emergency medicine,” Leslie says. “I had done tons of research through the College, but not much medical work.”

A life-changing moment for Leslie came when she witnessed a man come in who had been found unconscious.

“He barely had a pulse,” she recalls. “I watched the medical staff begin CPR, start a line, perform a CT scan, stabilize him and get him breathing on his own. It was so fast-paced; I was excited I had the opportunity to witness that.”

Despite her interest in emergency medicine, Leslie, a certified EMT, discovered a new passion - physical therapy. Instead of medical school, she is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.