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Henna Tattoos

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December 03, 2013
In case you missed the Henna event, here is a recap!

            Henna, a traditional temporary tattoo, is used mostly in the Middle East and India and given to women who are about to get married, but men can also get henna done. How cool is it to get a temporary tattoo?

            During the event, students were able to choose from a selection of designs to get done by the henna artist. These tattoos usually last about two weeks and are created with reddish brown “ink”. Several students came to the event and seemed to enjoy getting Henna! Shana, the Director of Arts and Entertainment, said, “I find that the event was extremely successful as 60+ people got cool tattoos and learned a little something also! The lady who came in to do them was very informative and lovely!”

            There you have it! Henna culture has spread across campus!

Kayla Kyle

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