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Practicing At Law

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September 02, 2013
Michael Bullock ‘14 put his writing and editing skills to work as a summer intern with the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis.

In the legal circles of Annapolis, Washington College has a strong reputation as a top-notch liberal arts school. 

“Upon arrival on my first day at the Court of Special Appeals, everyone knew about Washington College and, more importantly, the reputation that it carries for challenging students with a writing-intensive curriculum that prepares students for any job avenue that they pursue,” he says.

Bullock, an English major and part of the pre-law program, has been interested in law since high school, when he held an internship position with a pro-bono law firm in Towson. There, he worked primarily with criminal and children’s law.

“As I delved further into cases and evidence files, I began to give serious thought to a law career,” he recalls.

Bullocked jumped into Washington College’s pre-law program immediately, excited to explore the field more extensively. When he heard about the internship opportunity at the Maryland Court of Appeals, he contacted Judge Doug Nazarian. Although he was not sure what his responsibilities would entail, he was looking forward to furthering his real-world law experience.

“Going into the internship, I was expecting to fill the role of a stereotypical intern: to get coffee, sandwiches, run miscellaneous errands, and generally stay out of sight. However, the exact opposite proved true,” he says.

Bullock worked alongside law clerks, researching cases pertinent to pending opinions, and proofreading opinions that would be read in court and later published. He even drafted his own opinions bolstered by court judgment on current appeals. He also reviewed previous rulings that Nazarian has opined which will eventually be entered into a larger database of cases through LexisNexis and WestLaw.

His background as an English major was particularly useful

“I enjoy critical reading and interpretative analysis, tasks that dovetail into a career in law,” he says. “My critical reading and writing skills have grown tremendously since my arrival at Washington College, and have proven indispensable in the workplace.”
He hopes to continuing pursuing his passion by attending law school and eventually pursuing a career in Maryland.

“The pre-law program at Washington College is essentially a networking system that extends far beyond the rural town of Chestertown,” he says. “My experience this summer has solidified my interest in the field, driving me to pursue a career in law.”

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