Above and Beyond

December 03, 2012
Marissa Restaino ’13 demonstrated her wow factor during an internship at Glenmede Trust Company.

A drawing that went around Facebook a while back showed two circles, one squarely in the middle labeled “Your comfort zone,” while the other, floating off in the upper corner said, “Where magic happens.” It takes a leap of faith to find that second circle, a belief that no matter what happens, the jump itself is worth the risk, and it’s this confidence that Marissa Restaino ’13 takes to the lacrosse field every time she plays, that led her to a semester abroad, and that made her stand out during her internship last summer at a top-flight private investment house.

“Above and beyond,” Geoff Rogers ’80, managing director at Glenmede Trust Company, and treasurer of the College’s Board of Visitors and Governors, says of Restaino’s work at Glenmede. She “outscored the competition exponentially” during a hiring process that pitted her against other students from the Wharton School of Business and the Ivy League. And over the summer, he said, “She helped our sales group immensely doing target marketing and on other fronts. She got her job done—boom, answer the question and move on. No messing around. That’s kind of her M.O. She just gets it done.”

Restaino, from Media, PA, was a standout at Penncrest High School who chose Washington College for the combination of lacrosse, liberal arts, small classes, and the chance for one-on-one time with her professors. Now captain of the lacrosse team and a member of the Cater Society of Junior Fellows, she spent the 2011 fall semester studying at Royal Holloway University of London. Initially, the thought of walking away from all she knew and living on her own in another country scared her. Then, “I realized the fear of leaving everything behind and venturing into a world of unknowns is exactly why I should go abroad. And of course there was the added bonus of being able to travel throughout Europe if I did go. And so I did it.”

Restaino, majoring in math with minors in business management and political science, says the Glenmede internship has focused her on finance as a career. “Coming out of it I was extremely happy with what I did,” she says. “I was kind of proud of the number of prospective clients I got for them.”

“She’s very broad-ranging in her knowledge,” says Austin Lobo, associate professor of mathematics. “It’s this combination of talent meeting rigor that’s really brought out the best of her. She’s able to deliver on a variety of projects, and that’s the kind of education you get at a good liberal arts institution.”


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