Emma Cease

  • Student Sustainability and Food Initiative Director

Emma Cease


  • BA, Washington College, 2022

From the time she was young, Emma was fascinated by the environment and spent every spare moment outside.

After falling in love with long-distance running, Emma started focusing on the intersections between sustainable and healthy nutrition to fuel herself and the connection she feels with nature when running and in daily life. She hopes to use this amazing opportunity to expand her knowledge, gain experience, and become entirely immersed in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that she will live and promote her entire life.

Emma loves to stay engaged and active in what she is passionate about both on and off-campus. While pursuing an accelerated major in environmental science and minor in public health, Emma is also a Center for Environment and Society Fellow, Presidential Fellow, president of the KAO Environmental Honor Society, an officer of the Student Environmental Alliance, student-worker for the Environmental Department and a George’s General. In her free time, she loves to run lots of miles, swim, hike, and paddleboard.

Emma is so excited and thankful for this incredible opportunity. She can’t wait to share what she learns and to promote a healthy lifestyle for people and the planet.

2021 Summer RCL Food Initiative Highlights

  • Learning about the optimal human diet and how different nutrients affect the body
  • Cooking nourishing and sustainable foods such as beet kvass, kombucha, sushi, liver pate, ginger carrots, and sourdough bread
  • Identifying and foraging edible foods 
  • Learning and living the permaculture principles to better my personal health
  • Volunteering at the Sassafras Environmental Education Center garden to harvest fresh produce for local food pantries 
  • Increasing the environmental appeal of our campus Green Spaces through the creation of a Campus Garden mural and the addition of tree swings
  • Maintaining and improving upon the Campus Garden 
  • Becoming the Washington College Student Sustainability and Food Initiative Director throughout the school year so that I can continue learning and making a difference on campus! 

Summer 2021 Food Initiative Internship