Practical Permaculture: For Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth


    Bloom and Boehnlein’s Practical Permaculture is a must-have book for anyone interested in learning more about Permaculture design. Not only does this book cover all of the Permaculture basics, but it applies the ethics and principles to real-life scenarios, thus connecting practical design solutions with sustainable lifestyles and mentalities. Use this book as a guide for both your garden and your life!

    Within Permaculture design, there are a lot of structures, systems, and patterns that all work together to create dynamic and holistic ecosystems. Practical Permaculture covers the topics of soil and compost, water and irrigation, waste management, energy, shelter, food and plant system, and animals and wildlife. Detailed illustrations and examples of garden blueprints show readers how they can implement these designs in their garden. Also, there is an extensive list of Permaculture plants and their functions and growing habits. Overall, this book is the perfect way to start your Permaculture journey, and it is a great resource to return to as you build your homestead. 

    At the Eastern Shore Food Lab, we use Permaculture Design in the Campus Garden. Our garden is designed to maximize plant function, mimic natural patterns, and conserve energy. We observe each zone and analyze the energy inputs and outputs before making new design plans.

     Nicole Hatfield 

    Practical Permaculture

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