Foraging and Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

    As humans, how do we reconnect to the plants around us and how do we relearn the art of foraging safely and beneficially? Dina Falconi’s Foraging and Feasting brings to life the wild, edible plants that are growing all around us. Once you read this book, you will gain a better appreciation for those “pesky” weeds growing along your garden, and you may even throw them into your salad mix! 

    Foraging and Feasting begins with a comprehensive catalog of plant profiles, and each profile is accompanied by a beautiful, detailed illustration by Wendy Hollender. Before going on your foraging journey, it’s important to study these plants and learn how to identify them. Hollender’s illustrations depict the plant's specific characteristics and Falconi supplies the reader with the plant’s habitat, life cycle, size, culinary use, and flower type. 

    In addition to providing educational information about plant anatomy and identification, Foraging and Feasting contains recipes and tips for preparing wild, edible plants. The magic of these recipes is that you can adjust and alter them based on what plants grow near you or what you can forage for that day! These recipes are not limited to plant-based dishes, for wild plants rarely supply enough nutrients to satisfy the human body. Herbal cheeses, soups, salad dressings, desserts, kefir soda, kombucha, sandwiches, bone broths, and braised meat are just a few recipes that are included in this book.

    After reading this book, you will return to the beautiful drawings, the yummy recipes, and the foraging guidelines time and time again, realizing that the wild world is your new kitchen. 

     Nicole Hatfield 

    foraging and feasting

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