Fat: A Documentary

    This 2019 documentary debunks myths about fat, cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes and explores how fat has become demonized in America. From a biased media---focused on selling surgery and grain-filled treats---to dogmatic dietary beliefs, the American diet has been monopolized by confusing guidelines and misleading information. Fat: A Documentary explores how fats are the preferred source of energy for our bodies and how there is no credible evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease. In actuality, we can improve our health by eliminating sugars and processed grains. In addition, the keto diet (a high fat, low carb diet) has been shown to make positive health results. This film urges the medical world to consider nutrition as a way to mediate or cure chronic diseases. 

    At the Eastern Shore Food Lab, we celebrate healthy fats and use “nose-to-tail” animal processing to harvest all the beneficial animal fats. We encourage people to limit sugar and carb intake, and we hope to educate more people about the misconceptions about eating fat.

    — Nicole Hatfield

    fat: a documentary