Department Scholarships

Some Washington College scholarships may require an application or additional materials submitted by the applicant. For more information on how to apply for scholarships, please contact your admissions counselor.

Available to admitted students who are invited by the Admissions Office  to join Presidential Fellows

You can learn more here.

Admitted students from Maryland’s Eastern shore or of Eastern Shore heritage who are interested in a major in environmental science or studies should contact the Admission Office for information

These scholarships are awarded annually to entering students who show outstanding promise in the field of English or creative writing.

The Quill and Compass Scholarships are awarded to admitted students interested in exploring history or American studies here at one of the most historic colleges in the nation.

This scholarship is renewable and awarded annually to high-achieving incoming students with an interest in the environment.
This scholarship is awarded annually to an admitted student with a strong interest in the study of religion’s influence on American and world history, as well as its contemporary importance for cultural and political life.

The Vincent Hynson '87 Scholarship is offered to an entering first-year student who is a graduate of a secondary school in Kent County and closely emulates the values of Vincent Hynson.

The recipient must apply for and accept all federal and state need-based aid, including grants and student loans. In addition, the recipient must maintain full-time enrollment and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5

For information regarding eligibility requirements contact your admissions counselor.

The children of former full-time Beneficial employees with two or more years of service with Beneficial Corporation and its subsidiaries immediately prior to June 30, 1998, are potential candidates for these full-tuition scholarships.

Students who are determined to be eligible will receive their scholarship award at the time of admission.

To qualify, students must satisfy all three of the following conditions:

1. Submit a letter requesting scholarship consideration prior to or concurrent with the submission of their application for admission. The letter must include a notarized statement from his or her parent indicating such parent’s relationship to the applicant, as well as such parent’s employment history with Beneficial prior to June 30, 1998.

2. Present a three-year weighted grade point average of 3.25 or better (on a 4.00 scale).

3. Present an SAT CR+M score of 1170 or better or an ACT Composite score of 24 or better.

The scholarships will be renewed annually provided that the recipient maintains continuous full-time enrollment status and a minimum cumulative Washington College grade point average of 2.5.