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Why Biology?

Here are just a few of the reasons our biology program might be right for you. 93% of our graduates are either pursuing advanced degrees or working in science, health, or education.

You’ll gain a greater appreciation of science as a process.
The emphasis here is on discovery-based learning, providing the knowledge and skills you’ll need to pursue vocations or advanced degrees in biology-related fields, including biochemistry, biopsychology, environmental science and medicine.
You’ll find a real sense of community.

Small classes are taught in a state-of-the-art facility by professors (not teaching assistants!) who embrace their responsibility to recognize and encourage your potential. Biology students are typically bright, highly motivated, high achievers—just like you!

You can conduct significant research.

Whether you choose to stay on campus for our summer undergraduate research program, or pursue internship or research positions elsewhere, you’ll get plenty of real-lab experience. The senior research project we require of every major demonstrates your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Additionally, our students are invited to present and publish their work at professional conferences, are selected for internships at top institutions, and are admitted into some of the best post-graduate programs in the country.

Our location presents wonderful opportunities.

Washington College is just three blocks from one of the most beautiful rivers of the Chesapeake Bay. Students use the Chester River and the surrounding environs as a natural laboratory for scientific investigation.


Alumni Spotlights

Emily is a 2018 graduate who participated in the 3:2 Nursing Program with University of Maryland School of Nursing, where she has earned her MSN.


Josh is a 2019 graduate who participated in summer research and went on to work at the NIH.


Julie is a 2017 graduate who participated in our John S. Toll Summer Research program with Dr. Carr. Julie went on to pursue a Master's degree in entomology from Penn State University.