Academic Requirements

Students have several options for the degree in biology—with lots of customization. We also offer a variety of courses to help fulfill college Natural Science distribution requirements.

Major in Biology

The department offers a B.S. in Biology in which students can choose electives from multiple areas that give them a general background, or they may chose an area of emphasis such as cell/molecular biology & infectious disease,  ecology & evolutionary biology, or physiology & organismal biology.

Successful completion of an area of emphasis will be noted on a student’s transcript after graduation.  Given that a Senior Capstone Experience (SCE) must be completed in the selected area of emphasis, a student may only complete one area of emphasis.

BS in Biology (general): PDF

*Declaration of Areas of Emphasis is done by academic advisor*

*Note that the course number for Differential Calculus changed from MAT201 to MAT111 in 2020*

Graduates with a degree in biology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad-based knowledge within the discipline of biology.
  • Demonstrate fluency in scientific reasoning and experimental design.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with current research techniques.
  • Demonstrate an ability to search, read, interpret and synthesize the primary literature.
  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate scientific information in written and oral formats.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work and learn in groups.

Minor in Biology

  • Students from a wide variety of majors have received minors in Biology, including: Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Psychology, Spanish, Sociology, Humanities, Business and Theatre.

    BIO 111 General Biology I

    BIO 112 General Biology II

    5 additional upper-level biology courses*

    *By petition of the biology department, an appropriate upper-level course in chemistry, psychology, or environmental studies may be substituted for one of the required advanced biology courses.

  • Students planning on using the biology minor as a basis for further studies in the biological sciences or for employment should seriously consider taking a year of Chemistry (CHE 120, 140). All students should note that CHE 120/140 is a prerequisite for some upper-level biology courses.