Kyle Rugletic

Class of 2018
Major/Minor: Political Science and American Government

Graduated summa cum laude from Northeast High School in Philadelphia, PA

Campus Involvement

Join Kyle on his college journey since freshman year… 

Q&A with Kyle



Favorite Chestertown hangout?

Without a doubt, the college waterfront in Wilmer Park. This is the place where I proposed to my Fiancée and soon-to-be wife, Julia. I loved having the opportunity to get off campus for an afternoon with her, drive down for a picnic on a beautiful, sunny day and just lay on the grass listening to the water rush by. Along the way, we like to stop downtown and get the popular WAC student drink at Play It Again Sams, (the Alaskan), and enjoy the breathtaking waterfront view. It is certainly a great getaway spot and stress reliever that most students do not take advantage of! 

Favorite thing to order at the “Cove”?

I would have to go with one of Martha’s Kitchen specialty secret sandwiches known as The Tipson. Essentially, it is this freshly hand-battered sandwich, crispy chicken breast on toasted Texas Toast with melted Cheddar Cheese, Barbeque Sauce, and Ranch Dressing. YUM!!

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