Shane Brill

Class of 2003
Major/Minor: English, Digital Media / Creative Writing

Following his graduation with honors from Washington College, Shane worked for a year at Dickinson College where he channeled his passion for literature into ecology. 

He returned to Washington College in 2005 in the role of Web Editor. His work initiated an era of dynamic content, responsive web design, and campus photography. He developed a system of community profiles that would later reshape content management software used by Washington College and dozens of institutions.

With a penchant for storytelling, Shane began working with digital video and eventually became the Videographer for College Relations and Marketing.  

He earned his M.A. in English from Washington College in 2011, following a track that emphasized ecological literacy, and helped to create the George Goes Green campaign that garnered national publicity for Washington College. 

On campus he is known for supporting student writers, photographers, and graphic designers in developing their crafts. He can also be found rescuing snakes, catching swarms of bees, and teaching students about fermentation, foraging, and ecological design. He is a permaculturist, Master Gardener, and environmental advocate and educator.

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