Arian Ravanbakhsh ’89

As an officer at the National Archives and Records Administration, Arian Ravanbakhsh ’89 partners with federal agencies to identify records of enduring value that will serve researchers of tomorrow. A significant portion of those are electronic records, so strategies about capturing and preserving the records have to be reconsidered for the digital age. 

As a volunteer on WC’s Archive Advisory Board, Ravanbakhsh is working to ensure that the new College Archive—part of the renovation of Miller Library—captures and preserves the valuable records that tell the history of the College.

“I give to Washington College because not a day goes by when I do not recognize how valuable my liberal arts education is,” he says. “I am always amazed when something that I first considered in a classroom in William Smith Hall comes back into my day. It could be something as normal as a statistics problem or as thought-provoking as a philosophical discussion. My giving back to WC is just one thing that I can do to sustain the value of that education for today’s students.”

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