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The Future of Japan

  • Professor Andrew Oros
    Professor Andrew Oros
April 30, 2013
Political science professor participates in U.S. - Japan Cohort

In 2011, Washington College associate professor of political science and international studies Andrew Oros was selected to participate in the second cohort of the “U.S. – Japan Network for the Future Program.” The program was created to identify and support American professionals who are becoming specialists on Japan, its international policies, and its relationship with the United States.                  

Oros was one of 14 scholars and/or policy analysts chosen from around the country. Participants in the program are engaged in a number of workshops, seminars, and other educational and collaborative opportunities. Professor Oros and other Network participants will spend several years meeting, studying, and participating in symposiums and panel discussions in both the United States and Japan.                                                

The program is sponsored by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation promotes understanding and cooperation in U.S. – Asia relations through the creation of networks between U.S. and Asian leaders, the exploration of issues in public policy, and the increase of awareness about the nations and peoples of Asia. The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership works to enhance dialogue and interchange between Japanese and U.S. citizens. 


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