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Jordan Yelinek ’02 Made a Promise

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June 26, 2013
Jordan Yelinek is a member of the George Washington Legacy Society having bequeathed a percentage of his estate to Washington College.

Jordan Yelinek has made a promise to Washington College.  At this point in his career, he’s not able to support Washington College with large annual gifts to demonstrate the impact Washington College has had on his life.  As an alternative, Jordan is a member of the George Washington Legacy Society – meaning that he has made a provision in his will for Washington College.

Originally from Las Vegas, Jordan found himself driving cross-country to attend Washington College sight unseen, he says by “divine intervention”.  He arrived at Washington College interested in becoming a doctor and left setting out to become a professor. As a student, Jordan took a special topics course with Dr. Rosemary Ford on molecular biology and genetics.  The students approached Dr. Ford with the idea and she agreed to teach the course. “It was great fun to branch away from texts and let them discover the process of science from the literature,” says Dr. Ford. Sitting in that class, learning and discussing alongside his professor, Jordan decided he wanted to teach.

At Washington College, Jordan majored in Biology and Drama, with a minor in Chemistry. He found the dual focuses to be great preparation for future job interviews. In his words, he was able to be a “creative scientist” and a “strict artist”.   Jordan had dinner at his professors’ houses; he attended the opera with President John Toll; he pledged a fraternity, acted in drama productions, and made friends that he cherishes to this day.  He left Washington College knowing he had to give back.

After graduation, Jordan went to Yale for grad school. His father, who worked in the insurance industry, urged Jordan to purchase life insurance. As a young man, Jordan suddenly had assets and an opportunity to give back to Washington College. He immediately made arrangements for the College to receive a portion of his estate. Since then, Jordan has updated his estate plans two or three times, and each time, the amount allotted for WC has increased.

Jordan has Washington College and his experiences here to thank for the person he is now.  His way of saying thank you is giving back to Washington College in a way that properly reflects the impact WC had on his life.

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