Date: 12:30pm - 2:30pm EST February 5, 2013

Give PIG Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Plump up that pig, come make your gift to The Washington Fund, and spread PIG love around campus. *Hogs & Kisses*

          Spread <3 on FEBRUARY 5, 2013

Bring Your Hamilton Pig

Donate Your Spare Change

Send a Valentine by campus mail
& GIVE PIG LOVE to someone special

       Who Do You Love?

Merriam and Webster say that love

is an emotion of strong affection and

personal attachment; a virtue of human

kindness and compassion; a selfless,

      loyal and benevolent concern for the

      good of another.

          Love comes in all shapes and sizes. We love our friends,

          our partners, our family, our animals; we love a place,

          a moment, a memory.  What does WC mean to you?

          Show YOUR love and give something back.

          It doesn’t take much…

         “A Little Change Can Make

                a PIG Difference!”